Seats as a Service. 

A Fundamentally New Approach to Membership Designed for the Modern Consumer.

Consumption has changed drastically and the modern consumer is rejecting ticket bundles altogether.  The FanRally platform utilizes subscription seat reservation privileges rather than ticket bundles to create truly exclusive memberships that modern consumers want to buy.  With privileges, teams retain full control of their inventory and forge direct ongoing relationships with modern fans.  

“A bundle of transferable tickets is not a membership.  We have to create memberships that deliver fundamentally differentiated experiences for members.  If benefits are tied to the ticket, we’ve lost our most powerful value driver, exclusivity.” 

-FanRally CEO & Co-founder, Chris Giles 

Fully Customized Privileges

With FanRally, you can configure plans to achieve your specific membership goals, tailored to your specific venue and demand situation.

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Determine included benefits & privileges

Members can select events & reserve exact seat locations.

Configure flexible & convenient payment plans for your members

...and FanRally does everything else!

Full configurability with super-charged functionality

Dynamic Inventory Allocation

Take back control of event inventory and maximize revenue through real-time demand optimization

Friend Invitations & Guest Privileges

Give your members the flexibility they demand & establish a direct relationship with each invitee

Member Authentication

Keep your member data stellar and your privileges secure


FanRally provides organizations with the essential

back-end technology services to effectively manage subscription memberships. 

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Flexibility for the Modern Consumer

Empower your members to manage all of their benefits and event reservations directly on their mobile device

Modern, simple buy flows and fully configurable, automated subscription billing

Members can build groups & reserve seats with friends

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Better, Faster, Stronger Data

Forge direct subscription relationships with every attendee

Transform anonymous tickets scans into rich individualized customer data

 Automate & personalize your up-sale & retention efforts

Authenticated privilege management

Real-time insight dashboard to manage new sales, maximize member satisfaction, and prevent churn before it happens

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Limitless Configurability

✓ Build a fully customized membership program tailored for your unique event, market, venue, and demand situation

✓ Create membership tiers by customizing seat reservation windows, reservable seat locations, included events, content access, and included benefits

✓ Issue flexible member banks or benefit tokens & empower your members to customize their benefits

✓ You decide which benefits are transferable and which are exclusive to members

Seamless integration to make your life easier

FanRally integrates with your existing ticketing system and manages the translation between member reservation privileges and specific seating inventory.

Experience Membership

< 10%

Less than 10% of avid sports fans are season ticket holders


64% of fans would prefer to buy direct from the team


78% of Millennials & 59% of Boomers prefer to spend $ on experiences over material goods


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