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FanRally has raised $3 million in equity financing led by Capital One Ventures. Other investors include former Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott, former NBA player Rich Kelley, Studio VC, Handshake Ventures, Underdog Labs, and Courtyard Ventures.

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In episode one of the Future of Sports series, The Athletic's Mike Smeltz looks at how the fan experience may change: how going to games, watching games at home and how memorabilia is shifting from physical to digital.

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The Brewers are launching a new subscription pass product for fans in conjunction with FanRally, marking the first MLB team to do so. Fans can choose from subscriptions that allow seat reservations (with no additional fee) for two, four, or unlimited Brewers games per month.

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The people behind FanRally Inc., a ticketless software platform that enables professional and college sports teams to offer customers access to seat reservations via a monthly subscription service, are aspiring to do for sports ticketing what Spotify did for music.


FanRally has teamed with Stanford athletics to launch today the Cardinal W Pass, a subscription program for the school’s women’s sports teams.


The business model of FanRally, the start-up “sports-as-a-service” software provider, is based on the premise that offering traditional season tickets alone is insufficient if the aim is to attract younger spectators.

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Astros launch "Moon Shot Monthly Subscription Program," giving members greater scheduling, flexibility, access and value

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FanRally’s seats-as-a-service concept, in part seeking to align with growing consumer trends toward greater personalization and flexibility, has thus far partnered with a group of pro teams that includes MLB’s Milwaukee Brewers, the NBA’s LA Clippers, & NHL's Los Angeles Kings.

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Early Success of Kings AHL affiliate Ontario Reign paves way for FanRally and AXS to unveil integrated platform for multiple AXS clients.


Ticketless subscription platform FanRally 
officially went live last month and is aiming to change the game when it comes to how fans reserve seats for events. FanRally allows teams to sell ticketless subscriptions, similar to streaming service subscriptions, instead of season ticket packages or tickets to individual games.

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The six-employee, Bay Area-based FanRally is a subscription platform for college and pro sports teams that utilizes member-exclusive seat reservation privileges instead of ticket bundles, namely traditional season tickets.


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