when are 10,000 fans greater than 1,000,000 “fans”?

By now, many brands have built a consumer following through social media, CRM and traditional marketing efforts. But research shows that only a small percentage of these fans, “likes,” or “followers” are truly engaged, impassioned and compelled to recommend you.

In fact, only about 1% of Facebook fans who “like” your brand also want to engage with you.*

So how do you find your true brand advocates? Once you find them, how do you motivate them to recommend your brand again and again?

why buy into brand advocacy that’s half-baked?

Today’s marketplace is filled with first-generation advocacy and sampling platforms. But they all fall short in helping brands sustain advocacy and recommendations:

  1. Rented fans only interested in freebies and samples
  2. One size fits all generic, cookie-cutter platforms
  3. Disconnected independent of other marketing programs
  4. Short-lived one-time sampling or review only

Zócalo Group does brand advocacy better.

Introducing FanRally,™ the next-generation advocacy platform and program created by Zócalo Group. We’re the leading experts at helping brands become the most talked about, recommended and chosen ones in their category.

FanRally strategically identifies your biggest advocates, excites and empowers them to help launch your product or build your brand, and turns them into sustainable recommenders.

  1. Dedicated fans those who truly love your brand
  2. Brand specific customized to fit your brand’s needs
  3. Integrated builds upon existing marketing/social efforts
  4. Sustainable allows and inspires ongoing engagement

how FanRally works.

FanRally’s proprietary platform seamlessly integrates with the website and social networks you already have using a three-step methodology that customizes the platform to your brand’s unique needs:

1. understand & identify

We’ll gain an understanding of who your biggest fans are and build your brand’s ideal FanRally profile. Then we’ll identify more fans through existing channels, email and CRM data, and third-party data sources.

2. invite & excite

We’ll invite only those fans that match your brand’s criteria. Then we’ll excite them about the program by treating them to insider information, rewards and recognition, sneak previews, special offers, immediate access and more.

3. engage & empower

These engaging experiences are designed to fuel your fans’ desire to recommend you and more—they feel empowered to share you, review you, defend you, rave about you and advocate for you.

effortless integration.

The FanRally platform is also easily customizable to any brand’s look and feel. Plus fans can celebrate their fandom anywhere, on any device—no app needed.

two programs designed for short- and long-term needs.

FanRally Sparker

This FanRally option gives new brands a head start by identifying and engaging those consumers most likely to help drive awareness, trial and sales.

FanRally Builder

This option supercharges existing brands as fans are identified, expanded and engaged. Ongoing involvement then drives advocacy, feedback and sharing.

the FanRally difference.

Through Zócalo Group’s detailed analytics measurement, with every act of FanRally advocacy:

your brand’s fans are waiting.

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